Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bus 2


   During our educational tour our bus is number 2. Joining those funny and energetic people is a great feeling especially when traveling in long distance. It's laugh trip in our way to our itinerary. We enjoy every scenery that we pass by. With our tour guide mam Mayann who is every energetic. Our very tiring trip was from Subic to Baguio but despite of very hot weather we enjoy our trip. we had singalong inside the bus, we watch watch movies courtsey of manog driver who drive in standing position while inserting the usb in the tv. what good in our Bus?It is because there are so many foods.

Ganito kami sa Bus 2

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Educational Tour

"Exciting" "Full of Learning" "Memorable"

Those three words best describe our tour. Our itinerary was MANILA-TAGAYTAY-SUBIC-BAGIUO. It was EXCITING because it was my first time to tour with my friends.We are also excited for the foods that they service most of the time we are on Buffet.Their so many expectations and those expectations were fulfilled. I think the only thing that was not fulfilled was the food in bagiuo. -_-

FULL OF LEARNING because its Educational. hahaha. We had a studio tour in GMA, we met Ms. Susan and Papa Dodot. We also went to Festo, the engineering-driven company that sells pneumatic and electric transducers primarily to the automation industry; Mannasoft, a global developer and provider of IT solutions; Gardenia, one of the biggest provider of bread but the most unique is that they use machinery in aking their bread. They say their bread is 100% no human touch.

Lastly, MEMORABLE because the memories that we had is worth keeping. We also get experience that can build our selves. With those memories, we get more closer to each of us. We enjoy so much our tour. One thing that i cannot forget was in Gardenia (something happened their sh%t). hahaha

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Friday, September 20, 2013

IT Festival

     Last 2nd Annual IT Festival Central Philippine University was the host of the event. There's so many events prepared by the collage of Computer Studies. Their is Quiz Bowl which the champion is from WVCST, computer programming competition, and Hardware competition. The most exciting is larong pilipino. IT student played the native game of Pilipino like tumbang Preso, Sikyu, Ins, and Dragons Tale and many more.

Island Hoping

after the convention in PSITS, it our free time...

Our group decided to have a island island. with our teacher we immediately leave the hotel as soon as the convention end. hmmm. im out of word. just look at the pictures. The picture would tell how happy our we. 

PSIT in Boracay Island

Philippine Society of Information Technology Student(PSITS) is a organization of students taking Information Technology in different School.

   We attended the 14th Regional IT Congress which held at Boracay Eco-Village Resort & Convention center, Boracay Island with a theme "Nurturing Ingenuity in the Cybernetic World" last August 24-25, 2012. Multiple activities where already in waiting upon our arrival like Quiz Bowl, Digital Arts and many more. There also many topic that was discuss to us like Animation, Robotics, and Programming. By this convention our mind was open to the opportunity or field we could fit-in in the near future.

Leisure Time

     Going to school doesn't only mean study but it is also meeting new people with different characteristic but behind your difference you became friends.

     This my most unforgettable unplanned trip because we across river just to eat mango "Guimaras mango"! actually we didnt cut class beacuse its 2nd day of summer class; no teacher no class, no class not absent.

  It was Manggahan festival in guimaras so their lot of sweet mangoes. Ledi and Cliven are my companion in this travel. It was the first time of Ledi to go to Guimaras so we let her taste the mangoes of guimaras, it turn out that the mango which we pick for our lunch is not ripe so it taste a little bitter. After our lunch we went to a restaurant which offer mango pizza. After we ate we went to Clivens' mother office then she companion us to trapist.


   Trappist Monastery is a peaceful and sacred enclave run by monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. They also sell souvenir items and process food like jams, candies, piyaya and many more. After A short tour in Trappist we haven't see a monk so we decided to go home but before we leave the guimaras Tita Mildred treat us batchoy. It was really fun and our stomach is so happy. We had a great time in Guimaras even we are just three.

       -----> waiting for our mango pizza!

                   By the wish of Cliven we take RoRo to go back in the city. We are so happy that we catch the last trip.